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Where Do You Find Your Reality?

July 02, 2021

In treasure maps of old, X marked the spot. Or so the legend goes.

You follow the clues, overcome obstacles, and start digging at the appropriate place till you find the gold.

Your reality is a kind of treasure.

Having discovered Access Consciousness, people act like they can find the little box called their reality somewhere buried in the dirt.

“Your reality doesn’t exist when you’re doing Access,” Dr. Dain Heer said recently, “That’s the beauty of it and the ex-terrifying part of it.”

It’s both exciting and terrifying because you don’t have to fit in the same box as everybody else.

You get to create your reality.

You get to choose it.

What can you choose to be, that if you chose to be it, would be your reality for you?

Keep choosing it and have way too much fun!

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