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The Choice of Possibilities & Tools For Choosing

February 24, 2020


It’s a funny thing.

Some people recoil at the word and it immediately elicits a cold sweat.
Others see it as a possibility for more.
And yet others, suddenly, are like a deer caught in the headlights and go blank.

Most people have no idea what it means.

“Choice is the amalgamation of possibilities. Every time you choose something, multiple possibilities get magnetized to that choice…” ~Gary Douglas

Oftentimes, we make choice so significant that we don’t even know how or where to choose. What if this could change? And what if choosing anything could be easy? So where do we start? Here are three tips for choosing (amongst the hundreds of tools from the Choice of Possibilities class):

10 second increments

When you wake up in a funk and not feeling happy, you have the choice and possibility to create your day differently. Whaaat?! I know, I used to think that too. What if you chose in 10 second increments to create YOU and your life rather than function from the mood that you start out in? Choosing anything (including happiness) is a simple, moment-by-moment choice. So how do you do it?

What if you made a choice every 10 seconds?

You begin by asking yourself, “What can I choose in these 10 seconds?” And then take action on whatever that is. After those 10 seconds, you can ask, “Ok, what next? What can I choose now?” And 10 seconds later, “What can I choose now?”

What begins to occur is this forward momentum of movement and play with the universe. There’s no time to think about what’s next. Instead, you just ask and follow your knowing. Each choice you make, changes the energy of the situation. So each subsequent choice and possibility is totally different. Thus, if you keep choosing in 10 second increments, you choose by being present in the moment, and you open the door to a multitude of possibilities.

Everything around you starts to talk with you and give you information. 🙂 And then, you can ask again, “What next?”

Clearing Right And Wrong

What if choice is easier when you don’t have to get it right? What if when you’re trying to get it right and not get it wrong, it limits the plethora of choices you can receive and all the possibilities that can come to you? What if you begin to realize that no matter what you choose, you can always choose again. And what if it were ok if you get your choice “wrong”? When you eliminate the significance around right and wrong from your world (and ultimately, eliminate it completely), you also eliminate black and white thinking and open the doorway for so many more possibilities. Life gets so much easier.

Asking Questions

Questions also open up the doorway to more possibilities and ease with choice. What if you asked the following questions around choices you’re currently considering:

If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?
If I don’t choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?
And get the energy of both. Which one is the lightest? Then choose that. When you choose light choices, more lightness is created in your life!

What choice could you choose today that would create the world you have tomorrow?

So what if, as Gary Douglas stated, choice is an amalgam, an action and process of combining, uniting and creating possibilities? And what if there are so many tools for choosing more? This is where the brilliance of the Choice of Possibilities class comes in. Three days of delving deeply into this topic. For more information about the next Choice of Possibilities classes that are going on around the world, please visit here.

Choice is this beautiful thing… When we follow our awareness, so much is available to us.



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Boisy Copeland Jr.

Feb 2, 2022

Ten Seconds increments is my all time favorite tool in Access Consciousness

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