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What If You Had No Limitations?

June 28, 2021

There are some things in life that we just know to be true: the sky is blue, the grass is green and chocolate is delicious.

You could go as far as saying that these three things are just the facts of life – there’s no need to argue about or ponder them (well, maybe we could agree to disagree on that last point…).

But what if we told you that there is no such thing as an ultimate truth for everybody, or a “fact of life”.

What if we took that one step further and told you that the sky isn’t blue, and insist that it is keeps you living in limitation?

Limitations cause us to miss out on magic

If you accept that the sky is blue, no ifs, and’s or buts about it, you are missing out on one of the most magical aspects of our planet!

As light from the sun enters our atmosphere, all these funky little wavelengths bump up against each other and do a little dance.

The shorter blue and violet wavelengths get scattered the most, making the sky appear blue. But there are also red, yellow and green wavelengths in there dancing around too!

What does this mean? The sky is blue…and yellow…and green and red!

So, here’s some food for thought: where have you decided the sky is just blue, and in turn created a limitation?

What magic are you missing out in your life?

So what are limitations?

Limitations are a foundation that many of us function from. A limitation is an idea or point of view that you have accepted as the only option – the idea that this is “just the way it is”!

We talk a lot about limitations here at Access Consciousness®. If you’ve ever taken our Foundation Class, you’ll know that it’s all about breaking down the foundation of limitations that we typically operate from, and building a new foundation that is entirely limitless.

But what’s so bad about limitations?

First off, there’s nothing ‘bad’ about limitations. Again, if you’re familiar with Access Consciousness, we try to steer clear of judgment on right and wrong, good or bad, etc. Everything is simply a point of view or a choice.

So instead of looking at limitations as being a bad thing, try asking whether they allow you to explore infinite possibilities in your life.

How do we create limitations?

“The only way you can create a limitation is by creating, taking, or choosing a limited point of view.” – Dr. Dain Heer

We create limitations when we exist in a state of conclusion, instead of being in question. When we accept something as being the way it is, with no possibility for change, we are creating limitations for ourselves.

When we realize that there are infinite possibilities available to us, and start being in question, we are able to change anything in our life.

How to get out of limitations using questions?

When you feel as if you’re facing a problem and have run out of options, or you’re wanting to change something in your life and don’t know how to start, these questions can help to remove any limitations you’ve created and introduce possibilities:

  • What is possible here that I haven’t considered?
  • What’s right about this that I’m not getting?
  • What would it take to create a change here?
  • How do I benefit from this remaining the same?

Next steps

If you’re interested in how limitations may be preventing you from creating change, we recommend taking our Foundation class.

This class is exactly what it sounds like: the foundation of all of the Access Consciousness® tools and a basis from which you can build a life in which anything can be changed and everything is possible!

Another great place to start is Gary Douglas’s incredible book Beyond The Utopian Ideal. This book is about becoming aware of the ideal concepts and constructs that create limitations and barriers to what is possible for you.



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