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There Is No Map To The Future

July 07, 2021

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Dr. Dain Heer

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Do you worry about the future? Do you plan for it?

Do you wonder when things will return to normal?

Do you try to figure out everything that could possibly go wrong so you can be prepared for it?

What if I told you that worrying about the future is entirely useless?

Yes, we’ve been trained to do it, and it is what is deemed rational, smart, and wise.

And yet I insist: it creates absolutely nothing. Getting curious about the future, on the other hand, can create miracles, my friend!

Why? Well, the future is always in motion.

Every choice you and I make today creates tomorrow. The future has never had a set map, with a yellow-brick road for us to follow…

We are the ones creating our future, even right now, when it may seem like we are at the effect of outside forces like the pandemic, demonstrations, shootings, forest fires, tornadoes, riots, explosions, and the melting polar-ice…

So how do we do that? Let me give you three actions that could, if you try them, guide you way more efficiently than any map in existence.

1) Stop buying fear as real

One of the first steps in dealing with the worry is realizing that most of it is not even yours. You are just very, very aware of everyone around like, like a big radio-receiver.

What if ninety-eight percent of the fear that you think is yours is actually not? What if you pick it up from everyone around you, from friends, family, media, politicians? And what if they are doing the exact same thing?

The more we all buy fear as real, the more it becomes this crazy self-perpetual spiral of worry, solidifying as the status q. What if it doesn’t have to be?

Would you be willing to try an experiment? Over the next three days, every time you feel afraid, ask this question, “Who does this belong to?” or” Is this mine?”

If you feel lighter when you ask, that fear is not yours. (Really.) Let it go, return it to the sender and start finding out what is true for you. Maybe you are even excited about the future? The butterflies of fear and excitement actually feel very, very similar. Just saying!

2) Don’t conclude – be the question

Did you know that all airplanes are off course 99% of the time? The pilots’ whole purpose and role are to continually bring the plane back on course so that it arrives where it is supposed to be.

So, every time you conclude, you actually lock your life and future into a non-correctable course. With that one decision, you eliminate your most incredible power: the power to choose and choose again.

If you instead are willing to be and function as the question, you would be able to ask and choose and then ask and choose again, and again, course-correcting in a way that allows you to create your future as you go, allowing every new awareness to contribute.

Being the question may sound simple, but it requires some practice. We’ve been trained our whole lives to judge everything as good and bad or right and wrong, and then defend that decision. Most of us align and agree or resist and react to anything coming up, as a default. That is how we create connections, form our points of view, and know who and what to listen to.

Let me try to explain it slightly differently. If you conclude that “the world is going to hell in a handbasket,” that’s all you’re going to see and hear, ask about and chose. That point of view then creates the reality you live and the future you create since all your course-correction will have the hell-in-a-handbasket point of view as its starting point. Make sense?

If instead, you have “wow, the world is finally changing” as your point of view, then that is what you will notice, that is the information you will extrapolate when you ask, and those are the choice that will show up.

Now you are course-correcting your choices based on the “wow” point of view, and what is real for you is that something greater is possible. Accordingly, that is the future you will be heading towards and will be part of creating: a different world.

What that world looks like for you, only you know. Keep asking: “What else is possible that I have never considered?” “What choice can I make today to start creating the future I desire?”

3) Start to receive

One of the greatest actions for the future is asking for help. Your friend, family, colleagues – even the universe.

Be bold and ask for the exact person that can assist you in that moment! Ask: “Can this person contribute to what I require right now?” And if that is no, then ask for someone or something to show up that can.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. It is a way of receiving, not of taking. And it a sign of awareness, not of helplessness. Most importantly, it is a gift to everyone around you. For most, it is an honor to be asked and a tremendous gift to contribute. (Yes, even for the universe!)

You are not alone, my friend. We’re all in this together, now and in the future. In the good, the bad and the ugly times. And your every single question and choice matters!

You are the one creating the map to the future. That is how important you are. How important we all are.

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