Changing the pandemic of COVID into the expansion of possibilities of your life.

September 22, 2020

In the last 6 months have you found yourself (or your loved ones) looking at the situation around the world right now asking:

“How do I get through COVID?”

What if COVID wasn’t something to get through?

What if COVID wasn’t something that you had to “get through” but a clean slate where you ask ‘what would I like to paint my future as?’. A totally different point of view, let’s explore this from a different perspective!

What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?

When something is uncertain and undefined it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that the strange feeling of uncertainty means that ‘there is something wrong here and how do I get out of the wrongness of weirdness?’ Instead ask yourself:

What is available I haven’t considered with this undefined sense of future I have right now?

Right now it can seem like the possibilities available are limited, but what if it’s the opposite of what it appears to be? What if it was a brand new beginning, the expansion of the possibilities into your future? If there were no right and no wrong anymore, there was just you and the choices you have, what would you like to create?

Which future are you going to feed?

What future are you going to feed based on the choices that you are making? Are you going to suffer the reality everyone else is living by or are you going to look for what’s light, what’s true for you and what do you desire to choose?

When we go into the wrongness of what we are aware of, rather than the question we end up putting more energy into the problem rather than the possibility! How much energy are you putting into looking at the pandemic of COVID, looking at the disaster that COVID is creating on the planet rather than using that energy for the expansion of the possibilities into the future that you can create?

What you want to recognise is that we are all different and there is no one right future that we can create out of this pandemic. By our choices and our different perception of the future we are actualising different realities that shape what the future will be. What is it that you are actually asking for as a future that you haven’t acknowledged that doesn’t allow it to come to fruition with ease?

Are you willing to look at it from a different perspective?

In order to change your future you have to be willing to change your perspective, you have to be willing to change what you are asking for. Your perspective is your point of view that creates the reality with everything you are choosing.

Take something you are having a difficulty with changing. Take a step back from it and look outside of what you have decided is the problem. What if you looked at it from a different perspective, what could you change here, what can you add here and what’s the different choice you can make to create a different future beyond that difficulty?

It truly is possible to shift your perspective of what you have decided the future needs to be, and it might be easier than you think! Let’s say you were going down the track of being a single mum with three kids and doing homeschooling as well as everything else. Are you asking to get through it quickly or are you asking for something different to show up that would allow your life to be ease and joyful? You don’t have to suffer like everyone else but you have to be willing to be different. That’s all it takes to go down a different track, ask for the possibility, and not just to fix the problem you have concluded you have.

“It’s what you are asking for right now that’s going to be showing up in the next 1-5 years”

For anything that you have decided is unchangeable in your life, at least 90% of your energy is going into not changing it. That means you have 10% of energy for the rest of your life. What could you be different that would allow you to change it?

Where have you been looking for the future you have decided you need, rather than what future do you desire to create even if it’s very different to every single person on this planet? What if consciousness was not about getting your life right anymore but creating a future that works for you regardless of what anyone else is choosing?

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