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The Future Is Yours To Create

August 17, 2020

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With the present so uncertain and the past losing its grip on this reality, now is the time to use our capacity to truly create our future. And why not change everything in your world, rather than suffer the past with better trimmings? The future is yours to create!

On last month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall, founders of Access Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer explored the topic of creating your future rather than experiencing it as a fait accompli.

Creation is based on choice. If you will choose anything you can create anything. What are you asking to choose and what are you trying to avoid?

“You have to be willing to experience anything if you want to have everything,” Gary explained.

Yet, how often do we avoid experiencing the unknown and unfamiliar? Gary had not eaten oysters until he tried them in Australia. The oysters tasted so good he wondered why he had avoided them for years.

Have you been avoiding ease, money, or awareness?

For Dain, realizing that women were willing to take advantage of him based on his money was an eye-opener.

“I thought that was just in movies,” he admitted.

“So I would cut off the awareness of my future, the future they desired, and the future they were going to make happen.”

“It’s our right to choose that creates the change that we observe in the world,” Gary said. “We have that ability and we need to choose that ability.”

Even if there something in your past you’re not happy with, asking “What were the 10 seconds of unconsciousness I chose that created this? will give you the awareness so you don’t have to suffer your future.

Another great tool is asking, Will this choice create my future or decay my future?

Life is yours to choose, what are you asking to choose?

“May you create your future from what you’re willing to have and what you’re willing to choose, not what you’re trying to avoid,” Gary added.

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