How Can Parenting Be Easier?

September 15, 2020

The general consensus around parenting seems to be that parents are to blame for everything.

Your child’s too loud. Uh oh, bad parent alert.

Your child is too quiet and unsocial… ugly red mark on your parenting score card. So how can parenting be easier?

Even though there’s no class that could possibly prepare you for the chaos, joy and diversity of skills required as a parent, it can feel like you’re flunking parenting at every turn.

Then we’re hit with a global pandemic.

Lockdown forcing families to stay indoors, forcing homeschooling on families who were totally unprepared.

Children terrified by the news and what they see around them.

They see adults whom they thought were unwavering… waver.

Grown ups they thought invincible, suddenly unsure.

Their certainty and reliable routines suddenly snatched from them.

The pandemic and ensuing fear and confinement has been challenging for people all over the world.

And especially challenging for parents and children.

It’s natural for children to go out and play.

To mix with other children.

To have the freedom to run and play and experience the outdoors.

So much so that for many years, “staying in on computers” has been deemed to be unhealthy and parents judged as “bad” if they let their child have too much screen time.

Parents were encouraged to get their children to spend time outdoors and enjoy the stimulation of interacting with different people and different environments from school buildings to parks and friend’s houses.

New Normal

With parenting, there is no “new normal” it’s already a constant state of change and adapting and growing and discovering.

What else could be possible for you and your family that you’ve not yet considered?

Although this video was made before the pandemic, the tools within it are just as valuable and effective for more ease with parenting.

Parenting hacks to make life easier:

These tools and SO MANY more are also found in foundation classes which you can enjoy around the world…. And children can attend for free. The Foundation is an “in person class” and they are also available live online during these strange COVID-19 times. Discover a Foundation Class that suits you here.

Other places to discover more tools:

Books for children and on parenting with the Access Consciousness tools

Free facebook group: Tools to Thrive as Parents



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