Pragmatic Psychology: Creating a Life on Planet Earth Without Trauma, Drama, Upset, and Intrigue

September 24, 2020

Recently published by Access Consciousness Publishing is a refreshingly honest book about a new type of psychology; Pragmatic Psychology.

Susanna Mittermaier, a psychologist, educated at the University of Lund, Sweden, has teamed up with Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, to introduce a comprehensive new way of dealing with our own human psychology.

Pragmatic Psychology is about the empowering you to know that you know and to choose that which creates the life and the planet you desire. It is about doing what works. So much of psychology is about peeling away the layers of the onion to you get to the core of the trauma, whether it be in your childhood or later in life. Pragmatic Psychology has a slightly different point of view. It is fresh, funny & deep, yet introduced in practical and every day language to give you what you need to navigate your life.

Whether you have an interest in mainstream psychology or not, this book can help anyone from any walk of life or education level to start to apply these tools to create a life that works.

https://advancedpragmaticpsychology.com/Right now we are dealing with a world that seems to be going crazy, and most of us are looking for answers. What if life could be easier and filled with different possibilities that lie under the surface?



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