5 ways to revitalise your business during a pandemic

June 10, 2020

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Simone Milasas

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“Everybody just stopped coming.”

That’s how one woman described to me the impact of COVID-19 on her business.

Notice the dead-end energy in those words? Perhaps you’ve said something similar yourself.

Yes, the way we used to do business has changed. Just because your regular clients aren’t calling doesn’t mean your business has stopped. What if you can revitalise your business during a pandemic?

Now we get to choose and explore new avenues.

Every time you decide nothing else is available, you stop the flow of creation because in truth, you have a multitude of possibilities. Here are some tools to get you inspired to renew and revitalise your business.

#1 Yesterday doesn’t exist. Create today.

After years of travelling around the world nonstop, I’m creating my business very differently from what I did before the COVID-19 pandemic. What if you allowed yourself that change every single day with your business?

One tool that I highly recommend is destroying and uncreating everything you decided, judged and concluded about your business. In order to revitalise your business during a pandemic, you can also destroy and uncreate everything you decided, judged, and concluded about you being in business.

This dynamic tool will keep you and your business on the creative edge. So write it on a post-it note and put it on your computer or your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to use this tool every day.

Everything you were yesterday doesn’t exist. Create afresh today.

#2 Expand your client base

Currently there are new possibilities that didn’t exist a month ago. What if you could expand your client base rather than relying on your regulars?

For instance, I was invited to do a radio interview in Queensland and talk about what it’s like to be in isolation when you’re single. I also gave some relationship tools for couples who are now spending a lot more time together. Not only did I speak to a new audience, but there may also be other interviews in the future. Opportunities like this weren’t on the cards before the pandemic.

So, look at what else is available for you now. Could you raise your profile by writing an article for your local newspaper? If you’re a psychologist or a personal trainer, a lot of people are desiring tools to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing.

There are so many ideas out there and new things that we can create and generate. They might not bring money right away but will create an invitation for the future.

#3 Choice rather than necessity

What have you decided is a necessity in your business that if it wasn’t a necessity would allow you greater choice?

Recently I was scheduled to facilitate advanced Joy of Business training in Italy. This is an annual event that people from all over the world attend.

When several countries started closing their borders, we talked about cancelling the class. Rather than me deciding, however, I asked everyone involved what they would like. I asked the staff and also the people who were attending. They all wanted the training to go ahead. So, we decided to move it online and see what happened.

The class went for three hours a day, instead of a full day and everyone was engaged the whole time. I enjoyed this format and I think others did too. We may move this training online in the future.

In these times you’ve got to think outside the box and function from your awareness. Ask questions about your business constantly. With every new idea ask, will this work? Can we give this a go and see what happens?

#4 Breaking new ground

There’s always another possibility if you’re willing to open doors that you’ve never opened before.

I was talking to a beauty therapist recently, who was freaking out after her business got shut down. “What else could you choose?” I asked. She’s a great formulator and has got some fine beauty products. So she’s started selling them and also moved her premises which she didn’t have time to do before. And she’s much happier.

Another friend who makes money from hairdressing has been in lockdown in L.A. She’s been doing Instagram posts showing the different ways to style her hair and the products she’s using. Guess what? People are probably buying those products. She’s at home showering and doing her hair and making money at the same time!

What low hanging fruit is available that you have not been willing to choose?

#5 Re-learning your business

Is there an idea you’ve been thinking about but didn’t have time to do it? Could you create that now as a potential new revenue stream?

And, I urge you don’t stop with one new idea. Keep extrapolating. Keep asking questions of your business. The instant you think you’ve found the answer, you kill future possibilities.

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