How Do I Generate More Money? Generation Versus Creation

May 18, 2019

Is There A Difference Between Generation and Creation?

Do you desire to generate more money but have struggled to find a way to create it?

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, Co-creators of Access Consciousness wrote the book “Right Riches for You” and this excerpt from it might shine some light on how to generate more money in a way that works for you:

“We are taught that matter, space, energy and time are the elements we need to create anything in this reality. When we function form the point of view of this reality, we use matter, space, energy and time to create. If you’re building a house you assume that you need a space to create in, which is the lot. You assume it’s going to take time. You assume you need the matter called building materials. And you assume that it’s going to take a certain amount of man hours, called energy. These are the elements of the creation cycle.

The cycle of creation requires the continuous input of energy into a creation. If you don’t, it eventually falls apart. It results in destruction. So, once you have a house, you need to continuously maintain it. You have to paint it regularly, you have to repair the roof and you have to mow the lawn; otherwise everything begins to disintegrate. And who is it that has to put that energy in? That’s you.

Generation is different from creation. Generation is an energy that continuously brings things into existence. Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought about something and it came into existence instantaneously? Or you thought about somebody and they called at that moment? These experiences are different from creation. They’re generation.

Generate More Money

We encourage you to look at how to generate more money in your life rather than how to create more money or make more money. In order to create, you have to work. You have to use matter, energy , space and time. But when you generate something, you contribute to what is already in existence. Rather than fighting what is already here, use it and go with what will generate more.

This world is already created the way it is, why would you try to reinvent it? Generating is so much easier than trying to pound something into existence. Anytime you are functioning from this contextual reality, you are creating, not generating.”

This book was published 10 years ago and its tools and information still apply dynamically today. If you’d like to go deeper, expand more, generate more in every area of your life including expanding your ability to generate more money…

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