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What galaxies of possibilities are available now?

June 08, 2020

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We talk about possibilities all the time and yet they remain elusive. You can’t examine them under a microscope or put them in your wallet. Possibilities cannot be defined. So what exactly are they?

“Possibilities are all of the things that are possible; it’s not just one thing,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas explained recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall.

Have you ever asked, what are the infinite possibilities with relationship? And then refused it because the person who showed up wasn’t 6’2” or had a fancy car?

Most people have the idea that the object of their desire will look a certain way and feel a certain way. That’s how you use conclusions to avoid possibilities because if you can avoid choosing you don’t have to look at what is truly possible. Isn’t that devilishly clever?

The primary element for the creation of possibilities is choice.

Whether it’s with your business, money, body, or relationships you have this choice of possibilities available to you. But most people are looking for what is beyond choice that will allow them to get what choice alone will give them.

As Gary explained, “There are universes and galaxies of possibilities and most of us are trying to do everything we can to not have that.”

What if you gave up your conclusions and became a Possibilitist instead?

A Possibilitist is someone who is constantly looking for what else is possible? They are willing to have an unpredictable future. They are willing to be different.

Difference is the greatest element of possibility that exists. Your willingness to be different is the one thing that will create the greatest possibilities in life.

“As you begin to acknowledge the difference in you, you begin to create the possibilities you are,” Gary added.

A great way to start is by looking at what you’re actually accomplishing, what you’re actually doing, and what you’re actually being that is not like other people.

“Start acknowledging what you’re actually doing because that increases the possibilities,” Gary suggested.

And what more could you choose that would create a different reality for you and everybody around you?

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