Top 5 Books for Exploring Possibilities Beyond

June 12, 2020

Have you always known that different possibilities beyond what’s currently presenting were available? These are our top 5 Access Consciousness books to create more magic in your life.

Magic. You are it. Be it!

book cover magic you are it

What is magic to you? What if you are magic? Magic is about the fun of having the things you desire. In a larger way, magic is about consciousness. This book is your guide to different possibilities beyond what we previously thought was real. Making space for becoming the magic you are with the tools of Access Consciousness.

Beyond the Utopian Ideal

book cover beyond utopian ideal

It is undoubtedly one of the most freeing books in Access Consciousness because it helps clear all the ideals that limit us. It is basically a manual for taking the magic you are aware of when you are a dreamer living in the clouds and making a reality in your own life. What lies beyond the utopian ideal for you personally?

The Home of Infinite Possibilities

book cover infinite possibilities

Are you committed to your life? A question most of us have never posed to ourselves. What is having a commitment to your life and how do you get there? With the guidance of Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer this book will take you on a journey to the freedom of commitment.

Blessed Possibilities

book cover blessed possibilities

This book is a transcription of an Access Consciousness 6-Day Event in New Zealand. It explores the world of true receiving, of living as happiness and possibilities.

It covers very advanced topics but puts them into engaging and comprehensive conversations. It invites you to a very special energy that no other Access Consciousness book does.

A World of Choice

Book cover world of choice

This book covers choice with money, relationship and bodies. What if there were a totally different way of doing things on this on this earth? Have you always known you were different than other people? This book is a guide to claiming that difference and being the light being that you are. And when you are willing to claim that, you’re on track to receiving so much more in life, including exploring possibilities beyond.



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