Top 5 Books for Getting the Sex You Deserve & The Relationship You Desire

June 19, 2020

Are you looking to change the way any of your relationships are? What if you could start getting the sex you deserve & the relationship you desire? Is it sometimes difficult to be yourself in relationship? Or, do you wish you had a more fresh and free relationship with the people who have been in your life for a long time?

What if your relationships could be the gift in your life they are supposed to be, rather than a burden?

Here is a list of our top 5 books for getting the sex you deserve and the relationship you desire:

Sex Is Not A Four Letter Word, But Relationship Often Times Is

book cover sex you deserve

This book is a quick and easy read that takes a deep dive into pleasing your partner while seeking your own pleasure in sex. It also dives into the energetics of great sex and how you can have deeper intimacy with your partner. What is beyond kama sutra?

Divorceless Relationship

Is there a Bible for conscious relationship? Yes. Divorceless Relationship is it. This book will challenge every point of view you have about relationship and give you powerful and unconventional tools to have a relationship that you may have never known you were looking for.

Relationship – Are You Sure You Want One?

This is an extremely vulnerable and humble exposé by Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt about their unique relationship, all while giving tools and discussing topics that will inspire you to have better relationships with your partner and with others in your life.

Salon De Femmes and Gentleman’s Club– These are two complimentary books for men and women-

Salon des Femmes

Is about empowering women to be the amazing warriors that they are. What if women were the creators of future? What if they didn’t have to feel less as women in order to honor and care for themselves and men?

The Gentleman’s Club

book cover gentlemens club

Is an in depth guide to male empowerment. What if men had ease having the strength of a man, and total vulnerability and intimacy at the same time? A lady whose husband read the Gentlemen’s Club said that she had the man back that she had married long ago, because he was now empowered to be more of himself.

Salon des Femmes and The Gentlemen’s Club are also required readings for Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators; they can be read for more insight into the deeper and more advanced readings of Access Consciousness.

What is the relationship you are capable of that doesn’t yet exist?



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