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Be the difference that you can create in the world

June 29, 2020

Would you be willing to be the difference that you can create in the world?

I remember as a kid going to school I used to get to these places where it was all just too much to be as different as I was. I got to a place where I just couldn’t do it anymore and I started to fit in with everyone around me. That was one of those moments that I look back on and realise that was a time that I gave up me in favour of others.

Something else available

There is something else that I am aware of right now with what we can ask for together and what each of us being the difference that we are can create. Really exploring that difference that we are and what we can ask for together from that place. It’s not about coming to one point of view we all align and agree with.

It’s this place of looking at what the world would be like if we each embraced the difference of us and used that to create something greater.

Creating a world that includes everyone is that difference, and that is what I am asking for. I’m asking for a world in which that difference has the place to thrive, where people can explore the difference of them without borders or boundaries. It’s actually here, available for us to choose, if we choose it.

And once you choose it no one can take it away from you.

The biggest thing that has come up in my world to do with all of this is getting out of right and wrong. Truly getting out of it so that I no longer use it as a reference for what I chose or what I can choose. No longer going to polarity and judgment in order to choose. Accessing the different reality available to me and all of you which we each have with choice. We can’t have that difference with the judgment. We can’t have that difference with right and wrong. But we can have that difference with us and what we are willing to choose.

Every time we do judgment we give up on possibilities, we give up on us and we give up on what is beyond it that we haven’t yet discovered

Its time to acknowledge that we have changed tracks. The reality we used to live from has totally changed and we are on a different path, creating a different future.

How much of your past do you try to bring with you to create a different future? Does that actually work for you? If you no longer functioned from the past as the source for creating your future what would truly be possible?

The first time my life really changed tracks was when I had my first Access Bars session and got my Bars run for the first time.

I had made a demand that no matter what there had to be something else or I had had enough. Saw an add in the paper that said:

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory, call Mel.”

After my first session I just cried and cried because I had gotten a piece of me back that I thought I had lost forever.

Every time I get my bars run I get more of me and my life has changed tracks many times since then!

I know that if the bars can help me to have more ease in my life then it must be possible for everyone else because I had decided that I had created the worst pile of crap in the world. Not only did I start to come out of the crap, The Bars also gave me this place where I could have space again to look at what I would like to create and allow the possibilities to be there again.

It’s not something you can define or confine,

The Access Bars accesses this place of receiving you again.

Receiving that joy, that abundance, that gratitude and that caring for you and others that you might have cut off as a kid in order not to be that different like I did.

It’s nothing we have to prove and its everything we get to choose.

We have to BE it, not even talk about it. Are you willing to be the difference that you truly be?

Written by Brendon Watt

There are many Access Bars classes being held all over the world.



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