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When Do You Know It’s Time to Change?

March 10, 2019

When do you know it’s Time to Change?

What is your attitude to change? Do you love it, embrace it, and joyfully jump in with both feet the
instant you become aware of a different possibility? Alternatively, do you wait until you’re in
excruciating pain to make a change? Perhaps you’ve done both things in your life…

On a recent Access Consciousness show on Voice America, Dr Andrew Gardella dispelled some of the
common myths around change.

“What is change, really? It’s just a different choice,” he pointed out. “When you make a different
choice, you stand in a different place; you have a different point of view.”

Put like that, change doesn’t seem very daunting! So, if you’re looking for more ease with change,
here are 3 tools from Dr Gardella.

1) Is This Change Necessary?

Oftentimes we think we must make a change because we’ve decided something is wrong, or else
somebody has told us it’s wrong or not right.
Andrew explained, “How many of you are looking to change things that you actually don’t have to
change? But someone said you needed to change it, so you’re making it look like you’re trying to

A great tool you can use is to ask: “Do I need to change this?”

Ask this about everything you think is wrong in your life. The point of asking a question is to gain awareness and to allow the universe to contribute awareness to you. That’s how you begin to choose from the awareness of what will work for you.

“Most of us have been taught to choose the least worst of the choices or the best choice, all of
which are based on judgment, rather than what you desire and what you’d like to choose,” Andrew

2) Don’t Wait Until You’re Pushed

Some people resist change dynamically, or else wait until they’re pushed. At one point, Andrew
became aware that he should move to his own apartment. Other people also suggested this to him.
But he brushed it off as not being a big deal. When he got to the point where he couldn’t stand
things anymore, he finally chose to get his own place.

“I see a lot of people wait till they’re in excruciating pain or so uncomfortable that they have to force
themselves into changing something.

“What if the time to change is when you become aware of it?”

3) Now or in the Future?

How much of the stuff you’re aware of, and the changes you know are possible, are for some future
time? Another great tool is to ask,

“Do I need to change this now, or later? Is there part of this I need
to change now and part of it later?”

By using these simple tools, you will develop a sense of knowing when you need to change
something and when you don’t—and all the subtle nuances that go along with that.
Change is a many layered thing, so take the time to listen to this episode in full here.

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