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How To Create Your Life From Question

April 03, 2017

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In medieval times, kings and rich nobles would build massive, fortified castles as a symbol of their strength and power but also to protect themselves from invaders. Undermining was a method used to bring down a castle wall by digging a tunnel under the wall, in order to collapse the wall and eventually storm the castle! What does this medieval military tactic have to do with undoing the limitations that stifle our lives? Surprisingly, quite a lot.

“We’ve been undermining ourselves all the way along,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas revealed recently. “Literally, infinite possibility is our stock-in-trade. We, as beings, have infinite possibilities but we keep acting like that’s not a possibility.” By asking a question and asking for what we desire to create, we literally bring it into reality. Here’s how Gary explained it.

“If you say, I would like to have a house on the river — that’s a choice. By that question you have put into motion all the things in the universe that would allow that choice to show up. But you will undermine that when you say, I don’t have the money for that. Or, that’s going to be a long time in the future. Or whatever else it is.”

“Every point of view you take undermines the creation of your future,” Dr. Dain Heer added. “It undermines all of your creation.”

When you say, I don’t have the money for that, you’re undermining yourself. When someone else says, You can’t do that, and you agree with them, you’re undermining yourself. Dain said, “Most of the time people seem to have the point of view that somebody else is undermining them. But nobody has the power to undermine us except us.” So, what points of view are you using to undermine you to keep you in the box of limitations you’re choosing?

“How do you get out of the box?” was the theme of this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness call, held just days after the amazing Out of the Box class that created so much change for participants in Munich, Germany.

Your whole life you’ve been taught that you need to be in the box of this reality and only by having fixed opinions and points of view will you be able to create or choose something greater.

The reality is quite different. Here’s how Dain succinctly put it, “Get out of your points of view and your box will dissolve around you.”

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