Being You

Do You Know What Magic Is?

March 07, 2019

What is Magic?

Magic is the art of creating your life from total ease. The ability to change anything and to truly have choice to create something greater as your life and our world.

Practical Magic

Magic is the practicality of being able to change your life and change the situations in your life that you desire to change. – Dr Dain Heer

It is about being able to actually know that you can change stuff. Rather than suffering the life that you have been suffering.

Suffering Life -v- Living Life In Joy

Have you been suffering life as if it’s a congealed meal dished up to you in an expensive restaurant?

You have the tools within you to change the things in life that you would like to change. Use them!

Rather than suffering the unappetizing meal that’s wilting in front you, BE your magic, call over the server and demand a sumptuous meal that will make your taste buds and your body sing!

In the same way, rather than suffering the unappetizing life that’s wilting in front you, BE your magic, engage in your life, request of the Universe and demand of yourself: No matter what, this changes now!

Magic is the Practical Application of Consciousness.

When you make that demand and choice, the Universe starts to conspire around you to support you.

After you make the demand to actually commit to your life, the demand to stop believing and acting like anyone and everything is more valuable than you, it’s like opening a door for magic to filter through.

open door to magci

The stronger your demand, the wider you are opening the door for magic.

“Whatever it takes, I’m having this now.”

That is the demand you get to make of you when you’re ready to.

Engage in Life

It’s only when you are engaged in life, embracing life, enjoying life, that you can create the magic that is truly possible for you.

Engagement has creativity, flow and expansion.

When you’re tip toeing rigidly around the edges of life, holding back, shutting up, closing down, waiting… You’re not engaged. You’re not in joy. And you’re not creating.

This shadowy existence is not a magical place for you to be.

There is no magic in the grey mediocrity of a “normal” life.

You can either be magic or you can be pathetic. Your choice.

Joy is the theme song of Magic.

magic is joy

You are at your most magical when you are your most joyful.

Joy is the theme song of Magic.

When you start playing that theme song of Joyfulness, magic is sure to appear.

The trouble with this is, if you’re going to be happy and joyful…

You’re going to have to be willing to be different.

Choosing what makes you joyful increases the magic in your life. – Dr Dain Heer

Would you like to explore how to be and create magic as you walk through life?

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