3 Tools to Get Your Happy On

March 01, 2019

How’s Your Happy for World Happiness Day?

With World Happiness Day coming up, here are 3 Tools to Get Your Happy On!

On a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being super happy, where do you rate your current levels of happiness?

No matter where you are now, you are not wrong! What if something else were truly possible?

Whatever your current happiness quotient is, what if you could ask for more?

1) Banish the Happiness Invaders:

Who does this belong to?

What if happiness was your natural state? Have you ever had a time when you were happily going about your day…. and BAM!! The Happiness Invaders hit.

Suddenly your smile is gone, your frown is on and you’re not really sure what happened, but if you’re feeling it, it must be yours, right?

Not necessarily!

What if I told you that 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to you?

Here’s how Dr Dain Heer explains it:

2) Embrace the Happiness Enlighteners:

Light and Heavy

If you knew, instantly, when something would work for you, would that add to your levels of happiness?

When you use the tool described in the video below, you get to really know what’s true for you and could make your life greater, and then you can choose accordingly.

Wait. No. CHOOSE happy?!? Could it really BE that simple?

(Hint: if it’s light, it’s true for you.)

3) Warning: This One May Annoy You… Because It’s Too Easy!

Ease and Joy and Glory*

*Glory = The exuberant expression of Life!

If there was something really easy you could do Ten times in the morning and Ten times in the evening to Get Your Happy On…

Truth: Would you do it?

We hope that you have enjoyed these 3 Tools to Get Your Happy On.

If you would like to discover more from Dr Dain Heer, go to: Finding Your Happy

There are also facilitators around the world offering classes on these tools and more. Go to www.accessconsciousness.com/happy to find out more!