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Access Bars Around the World – Istanbul, Turkey

February 26, 2019

There are over 9,000 Facilitators of Access Bars around the world and over 200,000 Access Bars Practitioners. The country of Turkey had a treat recently when 12 friends qualified in Access Bars gifted their skills in an Istanbul mall.

Access Bars TurkeyOn January 19th, Raha Gül and 11 friends got together and created an Access Bars Gifting Event at Carousel shopping mall in the heart of Istanbul.

The event was a huge success with shoppers and mall users showing lots of interest and many people of all ages keen to have an experience of what it’s like to have their Bars run.

Raha and friends hosted this introduction to Access Bars free experience over 2 days in the busy mall.

Ahmet Emre, Şebnem Özkan, Ülkem Koçak, Jale Güzel Koç, Asiye Tatıgil, Ebru Damcı, Aysun Leena Yüksel, Carina Jensen, Funda Ateş, Vaylin Ovat, Nevin hn were the generous adventurers in consciousness who gifted Access Bars to almost 300 people over the 2 day event.

Thank you Raha and friends for who you Be in the world, and thank you for sharing the fun and joyAccess Bars World Turkey of your event in Istanbul.

What else is possible for Access Bars around the world?

You can learn more about Access Bars, find a practitioner near you, or take a class by going to www.accessconsciousness.com/bars