Access Bars in Orphanages

August 30, 2018

Guest Blog Post by Marie Gasser

We are 5 Access Consciousness Bars Practitioners who love to work with children. They get just as stressed as adults but often don’t have the tools to manage it.

Recently we visited four children’s shelters in Costa Rica and gave over 40 Bars sessions to children aged 3-16 as well as their caretakers and the visiting psychologist. The results were amazing!

What are the Access Bars? They are a simple technique of touching 32 points on the head that allows stress to dissipate from the mind and body. Access Bars allow people to relax, to let go of troubling thoughts, concerns and other considerations that are crowding a person’s mind.

… a great sense of peace and happiness.

As we ran the Bars we had the great joy of seeing the children in each of the homes beginning to get a better sense of the bright, unique and special beings they truly are! Their faces were lit up with smiles and their eyes were shining. There was a great sense of peace and happiness.

What would it be like if every child had the opportunity to experience this? We would love for this project to take off worldwide. What if every children’s home and orphanage were visited and every child received a Bars session? We intend to visit many more children’s homes and would like to invite everyone who is interested to join us in this mission. (find out more by joining our Facebook group)

Thank you to Theresa Turner, Sara Santini, Markus Gruber, Marie Gasser, Katherine Bihlmeier – all Access Bars Practitioners who were a part of this beautiful creation.

How many lives might we change?

To learn more about Access Bars, find a class, or receive a session, go to www.accessconsciousness.com/bars



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