Are You Relishing Your Life – Or Avoiding It?

August 21, 2018

The choice to live joyfully, expressively, exuberantly and phenomenally is very often what draws people to Access Consciousness®.

We know it is possible to live unlimitedly and yet, looking around, there aren’t many examples of it. They simply don’t exist in the world. Particularly if you grew up in a family that was fearful of life, chances are that you’ve absorbed that fear.

“The majority of people are not relishing life and living; they’re avoiding it as much as possible,” the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas pointed out.

On this month’s Creative Edge of Consciousness call, Gary and Simone Milasas talked about what we can learn about life from a horse.

Horses can be an amazing gift to us; they don’t see the limitations we think are so important or try to live by other people’s expectations. They do not do stupidity or need. Rather, horses will do their best to heal anyone who is willing to receive it.

Years ago, Gary was not having good time in his marriage. When he looked back to the last time he had been happy in his life and in his body, he realized it was when he was riding horses. So Gary went out and got a horse.

I was willing to live again instead of dying…

“I started living again,” Gary said. “It eventually led to my divorce, but I was willing to live again instead of dying…if being on a horse gives you life and living, then choose it.”

Horses don’t have a life; they live.

Gary added, “You have to come to the recognition that you truly want to live, not that you want to have a life. You want to live, which is an action of being. Have you avoided the action of being, in order to have a life that other people told you is worth living?”

What is it that you desire? What is actually possible here?

With a horse, you have to ask for exactly what you want because it is constantly listening. Horses don’t just listen with their ears, they listen with their eyes; they listen with their bodies. They listen to every single solitary molecule around them.

Horses desire to help you to get where you want to go. As the rider, you have to be totally present and receive every nuance of their existence and every nuance of your existence with them.

Gary said, “When you have that level of vulnerability, it opens the door to the animal showing you what you haven’t been willing to consider as true for you— great gift that a horse is!”

Are you willing to give yourself that level of kindness?

What energy, space and consciousness can your body and you be to create a world of peace, calm, kindness, gratitude that is and as the dominant species on planet earth with total ease?

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