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Understanding Choice

October 08, 2020

What is Choice? One of the funny things is that from a young age, we’re expected to make the “right choice”… But never given any real understanding about what is choice, understanding choice and how to choose in a way that creates more in our lives.

What is the Choice of Possibilities?

You may have heard of Choice of Possibilities, or maybe you’ve heard it referred to as COP ????‍♀️!

This is one of the more advanced classes we offer, because to get to the point of understanding choice, you need to be ready to receive and be confident with the foundation Access Consciousness tools (hence our “Foundation” training ????).

Choice of Possibilities completely deconstructs and then rebuilds the concept of choice.

Choice is the way to create possibilities in your life – every time you choose something, countless possibilities present themselves (if you are ready and willing to receive them!).

However, choice can be difficult. Sometimes, choices seem so BIG and scary, that we don’t know where to start. We become frozen in indecision.

Choice of Possibilities will completely transform your life, by giving you the tools to:

???? Move beyond right and wrong, go beyond understanding choice and start choosing from a place of confidence and ease. As in, no more sense of impending doom should your choice not lead to the outcome you were hoping for! You’ll simply choose and then adjust.

???? Ask the kinds of questions that will help you create the future you actually want (not the one you’ve been telling yourself that you want)

???? The ability to make new decisions when new information comes to you (or, to use the word of the moment, “pivot”!)

Discover more information and how to go beyond understanding choice and the more that is available to you here.



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