Is This The Antidote To Harmful Stress?

October 12, 2020

Some would agree that a little stress in life is a good thing.

But there are levels of stress that are destructive. Here’s an unusual approach, which if explored, could be an antidote to harmful stress.

Play along with me and see what you think.

When it comes to harmful stress, is it stress, or is it suppressed anger?

How many times have you thought that you were stressed… when actually, it was something else?

Let’s unpack this idea a little.

What are you specifically feeling, when you’re feeling stressed?

Those feelings of frustration, irritation, restriction…

Are they really a form of anger, fizzing fury, boiling rage that you’re using so much energy to suppress that it’s identifying as stress stress stress.

Sometimes, simply being willing to take a sideways look, a different perspective of what’s really going on for you is an opening to allowing you to change it.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, ask:

Who or what am I angry at?


Sometimes simply asking the question shifts the energy and opens a space for something different.

“Who or what am I angry at?”

When you ask it again, notice what you become aware of.

Maybe your brain rushes in with answers:

“I’m angry at this person of course!” Or

“I’m angry that the delivery didn’t arrive on time”

Whatever responses come up for you, just notice. Don’t look for the “right” answer or the definitive reason for your stress.

Allow yourself to be willing to allow the flow of what the question opens up without judging, just noticing.

When you’ve asked the question “who or what am I angry at?” several times, you may well find that all this stress, all this suppressed anger is mostly directed at yourself.


Why so angry with yourself?

Because deep down, you knew.

You knew that this person couldn’t be trusted, yet you took them at their word.

You knew that the delivery wouldn’t arrive on time, yet you let “logic” not instinct guide you and now everything’s messed up.

You’re angry with yourself for ignoring your knowing. For valuing the weakness of others over the strength of you.

Don’t make yourself wrong for it.

Celebrate how cool you really are. You KNEW!

You had the instinct, the intuition, the knowing of how things would turn out in the future.

You are remarkable, my friend. Know that.

And, instead of getting stressed with what’s shown up as a result of you not trusting that you knew…

Rejoice at the fact that you DID know.

And now that you’re willing to acknowledge this magnificent secret about you, allow yourself to build your muscle of awareness so you never need to be stressed again.

Antidote to harmful stress? Building Your Intuitive Muscles

1. Start to notice when it occurs.

At first, it may appear as such a light feather touch, that’s barely noticeable, a wisp and whisper that’s barely audible.

2. Don’t make yourself wrong

This is like learning anything for the first time. You’re not going to get it right every time, especially at first. Catching the light brush of this knowing is a skill that you’ll get better at with practice.

3. Play with the possibilities

When something’s a game, it’s so much more fun to do. Play with noticing past situations when you knew a truth about something before it happened. Play with questions around it:

“If I knew what this would create, what would I choose?”

“If I choose this, what would it create?”

Make your choices and notice what occurs.

The most destructive type of stress is stress that comes from judgement.

Stress because something didn’t happen the “right” way, the way that was judged that it “should”.

So now that you have some different possibilities around the antidote to harmful stress, instead of stewing in the suppressed anger hitherto labelled stress, what else could be possible for you now?

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