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How Do You Interact With The Universe?

September 05, 2020

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Dr. Dain Heer

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What if you have a unique way to interact with the Universe that you’ve not yet fully explored?

Are You A Whisperer?

Let’s start here …

Interact with the Universe in more ways than you previously thought possible:

Here are the words spoken in the video, written by my friend Megan Hill…

Take a moment to notice the way that the Earth interacts with you …

Without words.

With a gentle caress of wind.

With the nurturance of a single rain drop on your skin.

With the peace that a winter snow brings.

With the symphony of the crickets in the night.

With no mind and no point of view.

Now, take a moment to notice the way that your body interacts with you …

Is it similar and in rhythm with the Earth?

Does it have a space to it?

An ease to it?

A relaxation to it?

Now, take a moment to tap into the UNIVERSE …

Even more space?


And silence?

What if this is more like YOU?

What if you have just forgotten how to be the whispering potency that all of these have in common?

When you are truly being you, the infinite energy space and consciousness that you are, you’re out of the harshness of minds and machines.

bodies the universe and you stars and mountain

When you are truly being you, you have a space and an ease that allows you to hear the whispers of the earth, of your body and of the universe and flow with them simultaneously.

When you’re being that much space … you are out of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that so many people live by … react to .. and impel.

This space is just the beginning.

From this space so much more is possible.

Is it time to BE the Whispering Whisperer that flows with everything?

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