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So Hard To Have An Easy Life

September 03, 2020

What if it wasn’t so hard to have an easy life?

What if the truth of life was about the gifts that you have? Even the ones that you don’t want to admit that you truly have…

The gifts and talents you have come into this world with are there to make life easy for you, yet it can be hard to accept that life could be anything but hard.

You look around and everything seems to point to life being full of hardships, struggle and pain.

Would you be willing to let go of the belief that it’s hard to have an easy life?

So much of life is about how hard life is. What if it didn’t have to be that way for you?

Perhaps you’ve always been aware of something “not quite right”, not quite true about it being hard to have an easy life.

Yet all around you is “evidence” that life is all about:

  • Having to work hard
  • Overcoming hardships
  • That you have to triumph over struggle
  • To succeed despite how hard you had to fight for success…. Etc etc.

What if life didn’t have to be hard?

When things are “too easy”

Sometimes it’s easier to believe that good things occur not by your talents and ability but by sheer luck. Luck being a “lucky break” within hardship.

What if it was OK to have things be easy for you?

What if life could be more about the gifts you have and not the problems you have to overcome?

When you see talents and abilities in others, then the very fact that you are able to see them and recognise them, means that you have these same talents and abilities also shining from within you.

One question that you could use to uncover these talents and abilities is:

What did this person do or have that I could do or have that would uncover in me the same kind of gift that they’ve got?

The lie of life having to be hard

Gratitude is the one thing that will break up the lie.

When you have gratitude, there is no room for misery, judgements or lies.

What if “life is hard” is one of the biggest lies that we’ve all bought as real and true?

With gratitude for all that is, the lies start to melt and dissipate, they have nothing to hold on to. The thing about letting go of the lie of things having to be hard, is that if things don’t have to be hard… how comes you don’t have everything you desire with ease?

So instead of allowing gratitude, instead of allowing ease to be strong in our lives, we reject and avoid these very things that are there to contribute to us.

How much gratitude are you avoiding so you can believe the lies that you think are true that aren’t?

In his recent “Ease is so hard” teleclass, Gary Douglas addresses this and gives tools for different possibilities with creating ease in all that shows up in life:

“If you choose to be grateful for everything that shows up in your life, you get to have more.”

Simple, easy, yet profound. Gary goes on to say:

“If you need to see how you got it right or got it wrong or how you deserve what shows up then all you do is lock it away, lock it up and shove it out of your universe.”

And of course when you lock it away and shove it out of your universe, you cannot access it at all… let alone with ease!

When you are willing to receive the ease that you could be choosing and experiencing with life, then you open up possibilities that weren’t available to you before.

Some questions and tools for more ease with all that shows up in life:

What would I have to do or be in order to have ease with this?

Be willing to have gratitude in all things

Function from the question: How does it get any better than this?

When you function from this question, you open the door to greater possibilities with total ease.

Discover more from the full telecall “Ease is so hard” here.



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