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The future you could be choosing

April 12, 2020

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Is future you going to be different from past you?

The world is on a reset.

Have you noticed?

Going back to normal is not an option. Those who try to recreate what was are struggling. Those who choose to let go of the old are getting ready for the future.

What are you choosing?

There are times when the world jumps tracks. It is like a wave that is coming and you can fight it or surf it. It is your choice that determines your future you.

Being on autopilot used to work. People could go to work and come home, do what they do every day without ever being in question of their future. Now with everything changing, that does not work anymore. We are being forced to become aware of our lives, our choices and the future you are heading towards. Not everybody is happy for the lights being turned on. Those who are, are getting ready to thrive. Those who don’t are stuck with making sure to survive.

How flexible are you?

Building up your business, your life, your relationships, how flexible are you, letting go of what was? Does that mean you have to give up what works? No! You get to become clearer than ever before on what still works and what will work in the future. What you might notice are the places where you created fixed points of view and conclusions and the rightness of what used to be. Are you rather right or free?

Trying to be right costs you a lot! It costs you your future you!

How to get over the need to be right? Choice! Choice creates your future. To facilitate your need to be right you could say to every point of view you have, “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view!” Say that many times until you realize that anything you had a point of view about is nothing but an invention and not a reality. Points of view tie you to the past, they are not fit for the future. If you want to be ready for the future, you have to let go of points of view and instead ask questions. Every question will open up new possibilities, every answer ties you to the old.

A company that is holding on to the past for no other reason than the fact that things had been the way they have been before, kills itself and the future it could have. Kodak used to be a thriving company until they decided that digital was not for them. They concluded that what was is good, no questions asked. They killed their future.

With anything you create as soon as you come to conclusion you kill the future you could create.

Be willing to give up what was in a moments notice to be able to create a successful future. When you have a mission statement for your life or your company, why would you have it be the same rather than change it when circumstances invite you to revaluate what can be.

Be flexible! Don’t hold on to what you did yesterday! Ask, “What still works today from what I did yesterday?” Be pragmatic! Do what works!

Are you turning on the lights or living in the dark?

If you had no reference points at all about how to create your life, about how to create relationships, about how to create business, what would you become aware of? If you had never learned anything about what is right or wrong, about how to create any area of your life, how would You do it? If you would compare with no one, what would you know, discover, see, notice, do and choose?

These are golden times to find Your way, Your reality! For a long time people have been looking to others to find out what is good and what is bad and what is right and what is wrong. They chose to be followers of what has been considered normality.

The rules no longer apply!

The games are changing. There is no normal anymore. Open your eyes!

Now! We get to create the new normal!

What would you like the future to be like? What do you know? What are you aware of? What if it is time for a truly pragmatic future. A future that works!

What part of reality are you involved in? Companies, school systems, bank systems… What can you insert and bring into those areas that allows them to change into something greater and a glorious future for all of us. You have the power to change the world with your choices! Do not worry about getting it right, that was the past, remember? Find out! Discover! Explore! It is not about it having to be complicated or a lot of work. Just ask, “What choices can I make today to create a different future that works for us, right away?” Maybe what comes up for you when you ask that question, is to be happy, to relax, to stop worrying, to be kind to you, to ask more questions, to let go of what does not work, to have a conversation with someone….

Whatever you get do it, choose it!

We have a world to change! What future world and future you would you like to create? Now is the time!

Guest post by Susanna Mittermaier



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