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3 Tools To Create The Future You Desire

April 22, 2019

What if you could be more aware of and active in creating the future that you desire?

So often, we’ve bought into the concept that the future is something that we have very little control over. Yes, we can plan, and try, and save, and prepare, but ultimately we may believe that we are not in control of the future that may show up.

Here are 3 tools to actively create the future you would like to create:

1) Stop Thinking

When you’re thinking, you’re stinking!

Have you ever been told that you need to:

“Think carefully about your future”

As if the harder you thought about it, the more likely you were to create a future exactly like that?

How’s that been working out for you?

Thinking is limited to what you have already decided you know. This limitation is locked in the past as thinking can only combine and compile what is already held in the mind. No matter how fast you accumulate mental knowledge, although it may contribute to your future, it will always be running behind.

Trying to think your future into existence is a great recipe for creating a future based on the past… a little like taking yesterday’s scraps out of the garbage to create today’s meal.

You could survive on that, but what if you desire more?

2) Turn Up Your Awareness

The future is a set of energies and whispers of awareness of what could be possible.

When we are willing to become more aware of our inner knowing, our innate awareness, we are also tapping into our awareness of the possibilities of the future.

Awareness is when you just know.

There’s no judgment, there’s no thinking, you just simply know. When you are aware of something, you don’t need to define it or explain it, you just simply know.

When we try to “think things through”, we are cutting off our awareness.

Sometimes we mistakenly think we need to protect ourselves from the mistakes of the past and in doing so, cut off our awareness of future.

If you were aware of future, would you need to protect yourself from it?

No. Your awareness would alert you to what lies ahead and allow you to make a different choice.

You could say that awareness is your protection.

Locking yourself into “having to think about it” not only strips you of this valuable insight but also cuts off your ability to create the future you desire.

So how do you turn up your awareness?

Catch yourself in your knowing and acknowledge yourself for it.

Every time you notice that you just, inexplicably “knew” something, allow yourself a moment of acknowledgement. For example:

When you think of a friend and they suddenly phone you.

When you’re in a conversation and someone says something that you knew they were going to say.

When your friend loses her keys and you know exactly where she left them.

With each awareness that you notice, you are increasing your capacity and you are becoming more and more aware.

And more and more able to create the future you desire.

3) Choose it.

Your future is created based on all the choices you have made up until this moment.

Each choice that you have made in every moment has got you to where you are now in your life.

If you want to change your future, change your choices.

–Dr. Dain Heer

Choice is a funny thing. We think it’s just the “big choices” that count.

What about the “small” choices that we make in every moment that ultimately shape our lives?

We don’t need to be cognitively aware of where every little choice leads or what it creates, but what if you chose for most of your moment to moment choices to be congruent with the future you desire to create?

Here’s some examples:

The (small) choice to open the door for a stranger is also creating a future.

  • The stranger later turns out to be your new lover’s Dad and now they both appreciate you even more.
  • The stranger gives you a big smile which brightens your day.
  • The stranger apparently doesn’t even notice you opening the door, but internally they’re grateful that you noticed them and gifted them an open door without any expectation.

The choice to say No to that extra drink, or Yes to that second piece of cake.

No single choice is right or wrong. What if you were willing to be aware of what each choice will create now and in the future?

What choices could you make today, now, in this moment, that are congruent with the future that you desire to create?

So these are 3 tools for you to play with. When you use them, it could more actively create the future that you desire.

If you would like to discover more around this, check out Dr Dain Heer’s recent class Being You Creating A Totally Different Future

What is it you’ve decided that you cannot be that if you chose to be it would change your entire life and create a totally different future?