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What Is The Value Of Being Uneducated?

April 12, 2019

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Here’s a question that will twist your mind: What is the value of being uneducated?

Nothing! you protest. Education is so highly prized that nobody would choose to be uneducated. But, look at it more closely. Is that how you stay in your comfort zone—looking for the right choice—and firmly in control of your life?

“How many of you value your uneducation in order to never find out what’s true for you?” Co-creator of Access Consciousness® Brendon Watt asked recently.

On this month’s Creative Edge call, Brendon and World Wide Coordinator of Access, Simone Milasas, had a phenomenal conversation on the education of limitation vs boundless awareness.

“Once you get educated on a topic, you learn it. Once you learn something, you buy it. Once you buy it, it becomes a point of view you cannot live beyond because you’ve already bought,” Brendon said.

Quite often, one’s level of education is used to delineate what you can and cannot accomplish in life.

“You prove that you’re uneducated and you use that as a reason and justification for not having to know that you actually know,” Simone said.

Awareness is a whole other universe. You can’t make it right, you can’t make it wrong, and you can’t justify it. You just know; you’re just aware.

Simone’s father was an accountant. He was book smart and knew how to do things. And, he also encouraged her to be creative and think outside the square. Later, when she met the founder of Access Gary Douglas, he too empowered her to create what she knew was possible.

Your education is not your awareness and your awareness is not your education, but how often do we think only being book smart is valuable?

Simone asked, “What if true intelligence is the place where you’re willing to function in 10-second increments, and choose and be aware?”

If you’re actually willing to function from the intelligence that you are, and use your ability to choose in 10-second increments from your awareness, be advised that you won’t be able to control your choices in order to get them right.

As Simone pointed out, “How many of you are trying to make the right choice, but you’ve already decided it’s the wrong choice, and you have all these reasons and justifications for proving why you will not take a step forward and create the future you know is possible because you’ve already decided you will fail?”

What if you didn’t have to get it right and you couldn’t make yourself wrong? What if it was about being in a constant state of question?

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