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Choice Creates Your Future

May 07, 2019

Every Choice Creates Your Future

Have you ever considered how powerful your choices are? The “small” choices and the “big” choices creating what’s showing up now, and what if every choice creates your future?

Making the Right Choice

Do you ever get stuck trying to make the right choice, or at least not to get it wrong? We are taught from a small child that right is good and wrong is definitely NOT good. In order to do well in life, we are told we have to get the right answer in school and do the right thing.

You don’t want to mess up and get it all wrong!

Making the Right Choice for Whom?

Trying to choose based on whats right or wrong is a total trap because what’s right when you’re around your parents is different from what’s right when you’re hanging out with your friends and different again when you’re around your teachers, colleagues or boss.

No wonder we get confused about choice!

Do you want other people to be happy?

How often do you make choices based on what you think will make other people happy?

What if you started looking at what it is you’d really like your life to be like? Beyond getting it right or wrong, or fitting into someone else’s reality?

What is The Gift Of Choice?

What is choice is a gift you can use in your life in ways that work for you?

The Choice of Possibilities classes are about inviting you create your life beyond the menu of limitation you think you have to choose from — and open the door to a world of possibilities you can start creating … if you choose.

If you knew that every choice creates your future, what would you choose?

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