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Where Are You Still Living A Fantasy?

February 05, 2020

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Have you ever gazed across a crowded room and fallen in love with somebody, thinking they’re the most beautiful and amazing woman or man in the whole world?

You get together with them, convinced life will turn out to be wonderful, which is a fantasy rather than reality. And when the perfect relationship doesn’t eventualize, you find someone else to fall in love with, using the same flawed formula!

“That’s how most relationships on the planet are created—through this fantasy,” Brendon Watt said recently on the Creative Edge telecall.

“How many of you are waiting for the person who will lead you to the perfect sex and relationship that you know should be, that has never actualized?” founder of Access Gary Douglas added.

People put all of their energy into the fantasy they’ve decided can’t be fulfilled, rather than putting an ounce of energy into actually choosing a relationship that works for them and creating it. Seem familiar?

So, what have you defined as a fantasy—that is actually a possibility—and if you’d chose it as a possibility would actualize in the world?

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