Change Your Reality With Money

February 01, 2020

What If You Could Actually Change Your Reality With Money?


Eeeeek!! Does the word alone stress you out?

What if you could change that all right now my friend?

No matter how much (or how little) you have in your bank account, there are potent tools you receive in the Foundation class that begin to change your reality with money right away.

Want a taste?

Tool #1: What’s the amount of money you’d carry if you were rich?

Most people were never taught to have money. Or to see themselves as being rich. What is the amount of money that you would carry with you if you were rich? Start carrying that amount of money around with you, and notice what changes for you.

Did you know that simply by being willing to have money, you are opening up a different possibility for yourself?

Your willingness to have money, and keep it in plain sight every time you open up your wallet, starts creating a different reality with money.

One that says I have it.

And that I don’t have to spend it just because I have it.

This simple, yet potent tool opens up your willingness to have even more.

Pretty cool, huh?

Tool #2: Put away 10% of everything you earn as an honoring of you.

Yes, no matter what bills you have or even how much debt you owe.

See we’re taught to honor bills and guess what that creates more of?


This can seem daunting to put away 10% when you owe other people, but what this shows the Universe is that you’re willing to honor YOU and MONEY.

What you honor, you’ll receive more of.

Another change that happens with having a 10% account is you really start to get that you HAVE money and it actually has your back.

That right there is a reality changer my friends.

Want even more tools to change your reality with money? Watch the video below and make sure to check out the Foundation class!



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