Your Body Knows

January 31, 2020

Were you ever taught, when you were growing up, that your body knows?

“When I was growing up, nobody ever told me my body had its own awareness and sense of what it desires and requires…”

Your body has its own awareness? What?!

What if your body has an immense awareness of what it requires and would like to create? And what if everything you’ve been taught about bodies has been based on other people’s points of views?

How much fun would it be if there were tools to change and create your body in a totally different way? What would be possible then?

Come along with us as we explore that topic from Costa Rica!

Your body has a knowing, an awareness, a sense of what it would like in the world. When you ask it a question, a world of possibilities opens up and your body is able to gift you the awareness of what it requires.

Start by asking your body these questions now:

  1. Body, what would you like?
  2. Body, what would you like to eat?
  3. Body, what would you like to wear today?
  4. Body, what would you like to BE like?
  5. Body, what type of movement would you like?

Then allow the information to show up in all sorts of ways! Your body knows. Even thought it cannot speak in words, it can show you in other ways.

Additionally, the body processes that are taught in the Foundation class can contribute to changing and nourishing your body even further. A couple of the body processes described in this video, invite your body to change on a very deep level.

If you don’t have to mimic anyone else’s body anymore, could you start to create your body from a place of peace, space, and possibility?

Could simply asking the 5 questions above, be an invitation to you having way more fun and kindness with your body? Would it be fun for you and your body to start a fresh way of being with each other now?

P.S. You’re warmly invited to our next Global Foundation, both live and livestreamed from Brazil. We will be exploring even more tools for change and possibility, and we’d love to have you! For more information, check it out here!



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