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Freedom to Choose

November 28, 2019

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Dr. Dain Heer

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Have you ever wished you had the freedom to choose whatever you desire, and never felt the need to justify your choices to anyone—including yourself?

Desire True Freedom? Be Irrational!

This world is built on training us from day one to do and be the right thing. For every choice, you must judge, define, determine, justify, and rationalize: this is the right choice because of this reason, or it’s okay to do this because of that reason, or I would do this, but I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t for this reason.

Rationalizing and being rational is how we trap ourselves into judging us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rather than the judgment of being rational, what if you could choose the freedom of being irrational?

What Is Irrationality?

Irrationality gives you unlimited choice.

I have spent my entire life trying to be rational. I had this little box in my head and every choice I made, I had to make sure to tick that box with the reasons and justifications why I could make that choice. Every choice had to be rationalizable and justifiable. When I started stepping into being irrational, it was a game-changer. The peace, joy, magic, and miracles that have showed up in my life since have been off the charts!

Irrational doesn’t mean acting crazy, dangerous, out of control, or insane. In fact, being irrational might be the sanest choice you have available. Irrational is when you are having way too much fun, when you are doing everything you really want to do that you have no justification for, when you’re living in a way nobody else understands and yet, everything works.

One of the most irrational things you can do in any situation is ask a question.

When you ask a question like, “What choices do I really have here?” you begin stepping out of your mind and its limitations and justifications, and you begin to become aware of all these other choices and possibilities beyond what your rational mind tells you.

All The Great Innovators And Creators Are Irrational

Most creative capacities come from irrationality. Every person who has truly created wealth, possibilities, and had a sense of freedom to be them, has been irrational. The artists, creatives, innovators, game-changers, and world-changers—the greatness they create does not come from being rational. The dreamers, the ones who are willing to know something greater is available, ask, “What else is possible?” They are willing to see beyond what everyone else sees.

When you are rational, you commit to believing what isn’t possible. You commit to the judgments, limitations, and the naysayers. The greater your judgment, the more rational you are being. Irrationality is the place where awareness of greater possibility exists, where true joy exists, and where true creation exists. But even more than that, it starts to give you the freedom to choose whatever you would like to choose, to choose whatever you know to choose, that will create greater for you and everyone around you.

The more irrational you become, the more possibilities you will be aware of and have available to choose that no one else can. You might notice that you start to have a lot less problems than everyone else around you, too!

What Would An Irrational World Be Like?

The most irrational thing that we can choose on this planet is just to be happy. Have you noticed how it’s okay to suffer, be sad, to feel bad, worse, stressed, anxious, and conflicted? But when you are happy, it’s weird, you kind of stand out and don’t make sense to people.

It’s the same with problems. It’s normal and rational to have problems in this reality. But to not have a problem—that’s crazy, irrational! It’s irrational to have a sense of ease with everything, to have no problems.

Being irrational means you can live in a world of possibility. You can be a walking, talking creator of possibility for you and everyone around you. If you have something going on with your family, finances, your body, your life, or your happiness, if you start to look from the irrational point of view, everything starts to change. For everything that comes up in your life, you could ask, “What irrational awareness can I have that will change this situation entirely?”

A world of irrationality is where the world is your oyster and you are no longer its bitch! Is now the time to choose the freedom to be the happiest, most irrational person you know?

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Simone Hol

Dec 16, 2019

LOVE how you put and describe what irrational is and isn´t. Great article!

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