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The Latest Conversation On Irrationality

April 12, 2018

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For many people, the gift of Access Consciousness® is that it opens their eyes to living in a totally different way — a happier, richer and more rewarding way. Strangely enough, this is something we know intrinsically.

The latest conversation on irrationality is no different.

We know in our bones that we don’t have to function from a rational human reality, even though it has been drilled into us from an early age.

But first, what is irrationality?

“It’s being aware of all the energies and also being able to choose what you choose, without a reason,” founder of Access, Gary Douglas, explained recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness.

Rationality, however, is always about having to prove why you’re choosing something. For instance, it’s rational to have misery, but irrational to have fun. Say what?

“Suffering is totally rational,” Gary pointed out. “If you suffer in life, then you’ll get to heaven.”

Rational is also how you choose what’s right or wrong because in order to be right or wrong you have to rationalize it. Then you have to justify it.

We are taught that it’s bad and wrong — perhaps even insane — to be irrational.

“Insanity has been defined as irrationality,” Gary said. “But insanity is totally rational because everybody who chooses insanity will give you a reason why they have it.”

Being irrational can create a greater reality and that’s what this new conversation is all about.

“When you’re doing irrational, you open the door to be able to choose anything,” Gary said. “Not because you have to, not because it’s right or wrong. But because you can.”

Consider the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Parkland, Florida. They created a national movement protesting gun control within five weeks. Literally days after the 14 February school shooting that killed 17 students, coaches and teachers, they began calling for change. They recognized there’s something different that’s possible — and they will not give up.

Irrational is always the ability to choose what other people cannot choose.

Have you ever heard Gary say: Choice creates? Here’s why.

“Your choice creates what you generate,” Gary pointed out. “What you choose alters the direction of what gets generated. Ask, what’s going to create the most here? What choice do you have that creates the greatest possibility?”

What’s the most irrational thing you can do or be to create a different reality almost instantaneously? The ultimate in irrationality is enjoying your life!

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