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The Change You’ve Been Looking For & The Choice to Have It

April 02, 2018

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Soren Lassen

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Soren is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and RBFY Workshop Facilitator. He is also a Worldwide and Regional Event Coordinators in Access Consciousness, coordinating the events and translation in the classes all over the Planet amongst other projects.

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Guest Blog Post by Soren Lassen

Recently, I left my job of 8.5 years. My decent monthly paycheck. Colleagues, offices and possibilities which all of them I knew so well. Security. I knew what had been, I knew what was and I knew what could be.

After 4 years of participating in a lot of Access Consciousness classes around the world, I got to a point where I could choose to create or I could choose to die. Flatline if you will. I felt like I was standing still and had been for years. Was that really what I desired? Wasn’t I supposed to have a life of ease, joy and glory when I was using the tools of Access Consciousness? Was this really all that is?

I asked myself, “What have I not been willing to create? Willing to choose?” I kept clearing the energy of anything and everything that showed up and I did not wait for the answer of what ”it” was. And then it hit me. I was using the tools, but what I had not been willing to do was take action.

In Access Consciousness we talk about asking questions and receiving with no point of view.

About energy pulls and that what you are asking for might not show up looking the way you thought it would. One thing I never really got was the ”taking action” part. Or making big choices instead of small choices. Or bigger choices than when I started participating in classes, if you will.

And so I chose to follow my knowing, trust the tools and quit my job without having another job waiting in front of me. The first response I met was my mom stating that it is a good thing that I could always get social welfare. It made me laugh. I knew it was not my reality and I knew I desired something else. Something greater. Something that had not been chosen in my family or nearby surroundings before in the way I desired it to. And I knew I did not desire a’new normal in my life.

I desired creating consciousness beyond borders and kept asking for it. I put my trust in the tools from the Foundation class since it is designed to assist you to create your life the way you somewhere know it can be. Every day I asked more questions than before, I took action when something showed up that matched the energy of what I was asking for – and with no point of view about how it looked like or what it was. Whenever I met the energy of lack of money or other things in my life, I lowered my barriers more than I thought possible and asked what else I could create, choose and receive?

Fast Forward to now…

I am on a plane from Budapest to Copenhagen after a month of traveling, exploring cities, restaurants, hotels, getting inspired by people and surroundings, choosing and changing and choosing again. After attended many classes on this trip, I have not had one moment of panic or thinking of going back to a secure job since I left it. I have the tools of the Foundation class to choose something greater than that. And I have my trust in me and in the Universe.

I made more money this month than I have ever done in one month before so far. And I have had a lot of ease, joy and glory creating it.

This is something I can barely believe that I am writing. This is my life now. How does it get any better than that and what else is possible?

I am not saying that this is for everyone. I know that choosing the uncomfortable and the unknown can feel challenging. The thing is….if you are waiting for something greater to show up and if you are not taking action when the energy is matching your asks, you make it a heck of a lot more difficult to receive what is being shown to you that’s possible.

If you were to trust that you know and use the tools of the Foundation class, what would you ask for? What would you invite yourself to choose? What action could you take today that will allow more of that to show up? And what can you allow yourself to receive that you have not been willing to receive before?

As Access Consciousness Facilitator Brendon Watt has said, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

I can. You can. I know. You know.

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