Being You

Where did you give up being the gift you are?

April 26, 2018

We spend more time buying gifts than actually being the gift we are. In truth, very few people realise, or acknowledge, they can be a gift to others.

“Sixteen years ago I had no clue of the gift I could be for the world. I hated my life; I hated myself,” co-creator of Access Consciousness® Dr Dain Heer said candidly on Voice America’s Empowerment channel.

Inspired by the founder of Access, Gary Douglas, he first took one step, then another one and another one.

“Some of them were god-awful and painful,” Dain admitted. “So many have been absolutely stunning and amazing; the results, the shifts I’ve seen in the people who have been able to receive what’s offered.”

Dain went on to write Being You, Changing the World. Today he inspires people all around the world to truly live the life of their dreams, rather than the normal life they’re supposed to live.

Where did you give up being the gift you are? And when are you going to take it back?

“What you have to offer is needed desperately in the world and that goes for all of you,” Gary said. “What you are and what you create and what you do is desperately needed in the world. When are you going to give it away, like the gift you actually are?”

If you’re truly being you then there will be chaos — and that’s not a bad thing. What if chaos is the greatest gift you can be to the world and yourself?

“People use order against themselves and they refuse to be the chaos that would create everything they desire,” Gary added.

Chaos has been misidentified as wrong and bad. In reality, chaos is being willing to ask questions. And the situation you’re in will determine the questions you ask.

Here are some questions that Dain suggested: How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? What’s right about this I’m not getting? What’s right about me I’m not getting? How much change and chaos can I instill in their worlds?

Being a gift doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat. To find out more, and for fascinating insights on how to improve the quality of your life, your money flows, family and relationships, listen to the entire episode here.

Gary & Dain host a regular show on VoiceAmerica every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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