It’s Okay To Be Happy

October 06, 2019

Years ago, the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, asked for the universe to show him a way to get happy because he was not…

What was created from that request?

Access Bars!

There are now about a million people all over the world who gift and receive Access Bars and 10,000 facilitators! The gift of Access Bars was recently shared at an elementary school in Italy with phenomenal feedback from everyone involved – teachers, parents, kids, and volunteers.

We would like to share the premiere of a short film about this creation and visit to the school with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer: It’s Okay to Be Happy – Access Bars & Kids!

What else is possible now?

**There is also a brand new Access Bars class and manual, created entirely for kids! For more about Access Bars, to find a class, facilitator or receive a session, go to accessconsciousness.com/accessbars.



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