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What Is It You’re Looking For That You’ve Never Found?

February 10, 2019

Wanderlust, that craving for adventure which inspires so many to seek new horizons and experiences is considered a very good thing. Unless, of course, you’re using travel as a distraction from creating the life you truly desire.

What is it you’re looking for that you’ve never found?

“Is traveling creating the life you’re asking for, or are you traveling to avoid your life?” This was the question Dr Andrew Gardella asked one of the callers on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America recently.

For this lady, traveling was much more exciting than settling down, getting a stable job and becoming responsible. Her resistance to a conventional life was based on her conviction that being an adult was rather dull. It meant becoming serious and sedate and never having much fun.

What if the most responsible thing you could do as an adult was to have a joyful life?

What if the most responsible thing you could do as an adult was to have a joyful life? And, is that what you’ve been looking for and have never found?

One of the tools of Access Consciousness® is to recognize that you can either be right or be free. If you’re trying to make the right choice, you don’t get freedom. Being free is the ability to make a choice that works for you in the moment, knowing you can always make another choice and another choice and so on…

That’s not how a majority of people function, so don’t expect others to approve of your choices.

As Andrew pointed out, “If you’re actually doing what you really want to do, people are going to make you wrong. They’ll say, you shouldn’t be doing what you want to do; you should be doing what we want you to do.”

What is it that you actually desire to create?

If you do not desire a life that’s the same as everyone else, make a demand to always choose what’s going to bring you happiness. The demand can only be placed on you. You can’t demand of others, although you can request help from the universe.

“Demand doesn’t come from force,” Andrew explained. “It’s a strength in your point of view. It’s not letting anything stop you.”

The demand could be: whatever it takes you’re creating more money; you’re going to make different choices; you’ll stop choosing things that are destructive and start looking at a different possibility.

The founder of Access, Gary Douglas, says that the only one powerful enough to stop you, is you.

“Whatever roadblocks are being created, you’re creating that,” Andrew explained. “That’s where you demand of yourself: I know I’m hitting these energetic walls…Whatever I have to be, do, or choose, I’m having it. I’m not letting this stop me.”

For more on the fascinating topic of demand, listen to this episode in full here.

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