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The Freedom to Be Wrong

September 04, 2013

By Susanna Mittermaier

One of the greatest things I changed with Access Consciousness® is the freedom to be wrong.

My whole live I felt wrong for everything. I was extremly judgmental of myself and would censur every word that came out of my mouth and what came out I thought about and tried to figure out whether it was right or wrong of me to say that.

Having that extreme point of view that I am wrong non stop, being right became very important to me. In relationship to others I had to put up my barriers to hide what I had decided was the wrongness of me. That required a lot of work from my part.

With the tools of Access I discovered the freedom of being wrong. Instead of defending against being wrong and making wrong a bad thing, I found that being wrong is just an interesting point of view.

Recently I had a conversaton with a friend who was fighting to be right and I noticed my barriers coming up so I asked “Who does this belong to?” “Whose reality am I perpetrating here?” “What if I right now be the space I truly be, what would be possible?”

I started laughing. My friend looked at me with surprise and I said, “Yes you are right….” His whole life he had been told how wrong he was, experienced abuse and he had learned to invoke in himself and others the perpetration of the wrongness of him.

He started laughing. From many conversations in the past playing ping pong with the defense of our points of view, we accessed a greater possibility, one of ease and space.

Susanna Mittermaier

What a relaxation!

What if we stop making what we think is right or wrong relevant?

Putting your barriers down and being the vulnerability you truly be, what freedom would that create in your world?

Susanna is an Access Consciousness® facilitator and you can find more about her at SusannaMittermaier.AccessConsciousness.com

Vulnerability is one of the 5 Elements of Intimacy that will be being covered in the upcoming teleclass series with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer☎ The Elements of Intimacy.



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Jennifer Randive

Sep 24, 2013

That was a super post, thank you for sharing this.
What will it take to let go of the wrongness and rightness, it is so draining of energy. I have noticed that I have been attacked for so many things lately and this is a great help.

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