7 Tips to Change Your Relationship with Money

December 01, 2017

What if you could completely change your relationship with money and what you are willing to receive?
Here are 7 tips to get you started on just that!
  1. Stop thinking of money as your problem

    As long as you believe money is a problem, it will be. Resolve to change your relationship with money to be more positive and enjoyable.
  1. Window shop to connect with things you love

    Check out hotels and cars and art or anything you avoid because you think is outside of your price range. If any of it really makes you smile, ask yourself, what would it take to have that? If you know the feeling of what it would be like to have those things, you will be more likely to do what it takes to receive it. Have no judgement around not being able to have it.
  2. Know how you’d use money to change your own or other people’s lives for the better.

    Whether you want to send your child to a better school, fly your parents somewhere business class, or purchase something for a friend in need, all of it creates a generosity of spirit. Wanting a greater reality for yourself and the people in your world will help you attract more money to create that.
  3. Educate yourself about money

    Stocks, collectable cars and real estate are all ways you can make more money. Educate yourself around how these things work to create more money. The more you know, the easier it is to create more.

  4. Treat money as a friend.

    Most of us hate money because it seems that everything comes to a place of having or not having enough to do the things you want to do. If you stop looking at money as the enemy and start treating money as a friend that can help you to create a life and future you desire, then that friend (money) will actually show up to help you.

    To do this, you need to stop rejecting it so you can allow it to flow in. Would you like to go to the party where everyone hates you? Or, to the party where everyone loves and adores you? Wealthy don’t look at money as an enemy… they look at it as a tool to get more wealth.

  5. Understand your bank account is just a digit

    Do not equate the numbers you see in your bank accounts to the meaning of your life. The digits are not real, they are just numbers on a page. Instead, ask yourself, how can I create more money with the digits that I have?

  6. Spend money to make money

    Stop thinking that spending money equals losing money. Instead, consider that you are using money to create your future. Investing in yourself. Before spending money, I first I ask it whether that spend it going to make me more money? Then, I listen for the answer. I always ask it to come back ten times fold.



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