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The Complications of Being Brilliant

November 27, 2017

Most people don’t believe they’re brilliant because if that were really true then everything in their life would work brilliantly, right? Wrong! The reality is, you can use your brilliance to your advantage or otherwise.

Quite some years ago, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® was injured in a car accident and couldn’t continue doing the same kind of work he had been doing. So he underwent some tests to determine what work he was suited to. Afterwards, the man doing the tests said to Gary, “Do you realize you’re in the top 2% of the nation in intelligence?”

“Your tests are incorrect,” Gary retorted. “If that were true my life would not be as fucked up as it currently is!”

“Since then I’ve discovered, no matter how brilliant you are you can still fuck up your life,” Gary said on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America.

Here are some of the ways people disguise and suppress their brilliance.

Always living but never dying

Some people don’t want to live but they don’t want to die either — therefore they do nothing! It’s the perfect job and one that’s never boring.

“‘I don’t want to die’, is not the same thing as, ‘I’m going to live,’” Gary explained. “If you’re not going to die, but you’re not going to live then you have to do trauma and drama.”

Refusing to be the most brilliant member of your family

Some people suppress their brilliance so they don’t stand out from their family.

As Gary said, “One thing I’ve noticed is, there are people who are the most brilliant person in their family — and they’re three years old. But nobody acknowledges it, so they don’t either.”

What brilliance are you suppressing to make the family you’re choosing as intelligent as you?

It’s complicated

And for other people, brilliance equals complication and so they make their life complicated to hide the brilliance that they actually are.

“If you’re complicated it must be because you’re brilliant, right? Simplicity and ease are not considered brilliant. That’s the biggest lie you’ll ever buy,” Gary pointed out.

For more brilliant ways we shoot ourselves in the foot, including creating disease so we don’t have to complete anything, listen to this phenomenal episode here.

The Access Consciousness Show is on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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