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What Stops Creation?

February 04, 2018

If you desire to crank up your creative capacities this year, and have way too much fun creating a ton of stuff, here’s one word to add to your vocabulary — acknowledgize.

What does it even mean?

Acknowledgize is the action of fully acknowledging what you are creating so your creations expand, actualize, and get greater.

On the Access Consciousness show on Voice America, Dr. Andrew Gardella and his guest, the phenomenal Megan Hill, were recently extrapolating on the theme of creation, when the question arose: what stops creation?

You may have wondered this yourself.

“If you have been creating, creating and creating, and everything is awesome but you don’t acknowledge it, it will slip away because you haven’t acknowledgized it,” Megan explained.

“When you acknowledge things, they can expand,” Andrew added. “If you acknowledge that you have a capacity or a greatness, or you did something that created a lot for you, it allows you to have it and be it and receive it.”

Acknowledgize is not a passive state or being — it’s generative, expansive.

Let’s say, for instance, you created a class and 25 people showed up for it. Let’s also say you acknowledged the fact that 25 people showed up. Now, get the difference between that and acknowledging how that class changed not only the lives of those 25 people, but everyone connected to them, and how that change rippled across the planet creating change for more like 300,000 people. And there you have it; that’s the power and potency of acknowledgize.

What if you acknowledgized that you are a phenomenal creator?

Or acknowledgized how great you are at being intense?

And perhaps you could even acknowledgize that you are awesome, miraculous or terrible?

Recently, Megan realized that in the eyes of the world she is a terrible parent.

“I don’t parent like you’re supposed to in this reality. I give my kid choice; I inspire him. I don’t talk to him like he’s 6, I talk to him like he’s an infinite being. I allow him to be everything that he is and I don’t try and suppress him in any way.”

“I’m not a great mom in this world’s view. The more I became ok with being a terrible mom, the more fun I had with being a mom. I just got this like two months ago,” she said.

When you’re willing to be a terrible mom you take all the judgment out of parenting.

So here’s a question to ask yourself: What’s the best thing you’ve ever done that you’ve not acknowledgized?

If you would like to catch the rest of this mind-blowing conversation, and have some good laughs along the way, go here.

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