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January 18, 2018

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Christel Crawford

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Christel is an Access Certified Facilitator and travels the physical & online world creating change & miracles.  She can’t imagine doing anything else. 

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I had NO idea what an ESB was when I chose it. Ener-getic Syn-the-sis of Be-ing.


Exactly. You got nothing from that either, did you.

I was brand new to this Access Consciousness stuff, and I remember being in the middle of my first Foundation class and looking at the back of the book at all the classes.

It was TOTALLY overwhelming. And then I looked at the prices.

There was no way I was going.

And yet.

There was something about this ESB.

I don’t know if it was the vague, nebulous, didn’t-actually-say-anything description, or the title of it {that told me absolutely nothing}, or the fact it was Dr. Dain facilitating …… but something about that class pulled at me a little. (Keep in mind here, that I had acknowledged NOTHING about my capacity to follow energy or my lightness or the possibilities – I was still coming out of being a dolphin-in-the-shape-of-a-rock. We were making choices from a very dense space.)

So, for this class to be pulling me at all was kind of a miracle. It was like as I looked at all the classes, my eyes kept going to this one. It wasn’t one of the mandatory ones, or one of the Access Core classes. It was like it was frosting. Or that beautiful dress that you’d ogle and cry over and never buy. Or that ring that always pulled you from across the room when you walked by it in the mall every. single. time.

And so when I chose to become a Certified Facilitator and saw that an ESB was “required”, my heart jumped about a billion miles high into the air because NOW I had my “reason”, and the amount of money didn’t matter anymore and the time off didn’t matter anymore…..whatever all of that WAS, however it was going to happen – I was having this class.

I showed up the first day STILL not knowing what the heck this class was. I can remember feeling distinctly fish-out-of-waterish. There was no manual, no instructions, nothing to prepare for, no dress-code. It was borderline stressful.

Then Dain started the class.

Within 5 minutes, I had tears coming down my face. WHILE I was laughing! And smiling!

This was new!!

I had already been to several classes, and there had been very few tears shed! Well, maybe a few as I realized how stuck I’d been and stuff, but these tears were different.

Very different.

Because as Dain kept talking, I started to see me.

The kindness. The presence. The willingness to walk with people through their stuck places to the open air of their possibilities. The acknowledgment of our greatness. The amount of energy put forth to BE the invitation & the inspiration to something I had always hoped still existed on the planet. The way he actually “saw” me.

And so after a few hours of this, and wave after wave of grateful, self-acknowledging tears & laughter – I got up the courage to stand at the microphone and ask my question. And while I was standing there, the speakers went out.

Of course they did. They would. Because this would mean I’d have to project my question. Shout it almost. Have a very loud conversation with Dain Heer about my question in front of 150 people I did not know.

So, you have to know that by the time he actually got to me, and I realized how loud I was going to have to be to get my question answered, I was HAVING my question. I was having whatever it was I wanted to ask.

And while I was standing there, the question disappeared… and the words left…. and the tears came back…. and so by the time he got to me, what I ended up saying what nothing like what I started with, and what ended up happening after that totally changed my entire life.

What if nothing was wrong with you? And you could have it all…and all of you, starting now?

*you can go here to learn more about the Energetic Synthesis of Being Classes
with Dr. Dain Heer*



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