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True Creation Occurs From Choice

February 08, 2018

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There is a castle on a hill in Casalborgone, Italy, that right now is being restored to the brilliance and beauty it once was.

At Castello di Casalborgone the air is sweet and filled with birdsong. It is located in the northern part of Italy between Milan and Torino. There are amazing views of the countryside and a palpable sense of peace and quiet; it is truly a gift to be there.

Among those eagerly anticipating the day when the castle will reopen its’ doors is an 83-year-old woman who lives in the nearby village. As a young girl, she used to deliver butter, eggs and cheese to the owners of the castle.

The restoration of the castle has brought a sense of renewal to her life, and indeed the whole village.

Restoration goes against the idea that in order to create for the future, there has to be a beginning, a middle and an ending. If you have a beginning then you start, if you have a middle then you continue and if you have an end, you stop.

These cycles of start, change and stop are what we use to prove we’re accomplishing something — but is that creation?

“Creation does not occur from beginning, middle or end,” the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas explained recently. “It occurs because of choice,”

For instance, with the castle in Casalborgone, the builders wanted to re-do the roof with brand new wood because from the logical point of view that would be better.

But Gary has a different perspective. He wants to restore the castle, not reproduce it. And, he is willing to be aware of what the castle is telling him. He lives the concept that choice creates.

“Don’t look for the beginning, middle and end,” Gary said. “Look for what can you create here? What’s actually possible that you haven’t even considered?”

Imagine, approaching every project with the question of, how can I create what is greater than this and better than this? What a different way to function! Rather than thinking everything will work out fine if you follow certain steps, or do things a certain way.

When you ask: what’s possible with this? What’s greater than this? Then, when you get to a roadblock or a stuck place, you will know to ask another question.

Gary added, “If there is something I’ve got to change I ask: OK, what do I need to change here to make this work?”

What if your whole life was about starting and never about stopping?

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