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Running out of time? Choose space…

October 02, 2017

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Time and space. How often do we link them together? As if time and space were both equally valid and real; they’re not. Time is an invention says Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness.

Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer recently gave some fascinating insights into time and its’ limitations.

“When you make time relevant, the space of you must contract and diminish for you to believe you’re subject to the sequence of time as it exists here,” Gary explained on the Creative Edge of Consciousness call. “As you choose to eliminate time, the space of you grows.”

Without time, judgments couldn’t exist because you must have time in order to do judgment.

“You can be space. You can’t be time,” Dain added. “Time is also an elimination of being.”

As very simple example, look at how we separate time into past, present and future.

“Here you are, supposedly present, but you’re separate from the past and separate from the future, which is not true for us,” Dain said. “As infinite beings we can have awareness of the past and change it, which is what we do with POC & POD.* We’re changing the entire past from the moment it started.”

Time creates the fundamental proof of a limited reality. Running out of time is the basis for scarcity. The idea that you only have so much time, your little box of time, that’s the biggest thing that most people here are fighting.

We choose to make time real. So, it’s also a choice to eliminate time as a reality. And this is where things get interesting.

“When you stop functioning as though time is a relevant element of your universe, then you become the energy, space & consciousness which allows you to bend space and change time and change everything,” Gary said. “What it becomes is a space of possibility based on the space you are, not the time you have.”

If you really want change, be the space and then you can kind of step beyond what everybody else has as a limitation.

Space cannot be limited even by this reality.

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*POC & POD refers to the Access Consciousness clearing statement. For more go to theclearingstatement.com



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