Are You Trying to Prove You Don’t Like Money?

September 28, 2017

Three little words…

Here are 3 words to say out loud — wealth, riches, money. What comes up? Lightness and space? Or a host of judgments?

Most people think they desire wealth but their choices indicate the opposite. It’s amazing how often people try to prove they’re not wealthy!

How many decisions do you have about how a wealthy person acts or is?” founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, recently asked on the Access Consciousness® show on Voice America.

Have you decided wealthy people are bad and terrible, or that they got rich over the blood, sweat and tears of poor people?

We have all these pre-conceived ideas about what makes somebody rich and what makes somebody poor. Is any of it actually true?

Gary grew up with parents who were sweet and loving people, but their point of view was that rich people weren’t happy.

“Because they had decided this was the way it was, their whole lives they did everything they could to prove they were right and that rich people weren’t happy,” he said.

As a child, Gary’s perspective was: could we try it?

“I wanted to see if being rich would allow you to be happy. I did discover something — rich or poor, it’s a choice to be happy.”

Gary added, “I know most of you don’t think you’re creating your poverty but unfortunately you’re the only one who can.”

So, what are you choosing that creates your personal poverty?

If you’re not happy with poverty, don’t decide you can’t have something. The moment you decide you can’t have something, you start creating what you can’t have.

If you’re not happy with being poverty stricken — get to work.

And, if you’d like to eradicate all poverty, be willing to have total awareness.

As Gary said, “If you have total awareness then you have to be in question. When you have total awareness, you can’t say, ‘I can’t do… I can’t do… I can’t do…’ Those are all just judgments.

“If you’re willing to look at choices and how the choices create, you begin to have freedom that other people on the planet don’t have.”

And that’s the real source of eradicating all poverty.

For more on personal poverty, and a kick-ass clearing, listen to this phenomenal conversation in full HERE.

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