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Empowering Children with Access Bars

September 25, 2017

Congratulations to 52 new Bars Practitioners from the ages of 5 to 15 years old in Mumbai, India who just took their first Access Bars class. These children are ‘street kids’ who have either been abandoned or orphaned in the streets of Mumbai and are now being taken care of and educated by an NGO named Mother’s Foundation.

This NGO houses all of these children. It is a dark and somewhat dingy place, yet the love and care provided to the kids is immense. Each one of them has a small locker provided to them where they keep their books and clothes.

A chance meeting and conversation with an Uber driver led Smriti Goswami, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, to this project. The driver told Smriti that he was part of this NGO where they empower and educate the children so that they grow up to be better citizens. After a conversation about Access Bars and its benefits, this class and creation was under way!

The children were so enthused to learn the Bars and have promised to get their Bars ‘run’ at least three times a week! (They have many others now to practice with!)

At the end of the day and class, there were many tears of gratitude as Smriti and others got to see the children’s happy and shining faces, especially when they proudly received their certificates, amidst a lot of cheering and clapping.

Do you want to learn more about the Bars? Do you have questions about where you can find an Access Bars Practitioner or Facilitator? Email us at bars@accessconsciousness.com or click HERE for more information!



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