Being You

Breaking Down the Walls of Mediocre

October 03, 2017

Consciousness is on a roll. Have you noticed?

Change is showing up faster than ever. The earth is moving … literally.
And, there’s a huge space of possibility opening for something to be created that’s never been possible before.

One conversation that’s changing a whole lot, for whole lot of people, is around mediocrity, evil and JAIL.

JAIL: Judgments, Agendas, Inventions and Lies … the magic formula we use to create the jail of limited choice and mediocrity we live in.

What’s that got to do with YOU and your life?

Listen in to these recent soundclips from Access Consciousness classes…

  • In Mumbai with Gary Douglas & Brendon Watt, listen here.
  • In Stockholm with Dr. Dain Heer, listen here.

Choice of Possibilities classes are currently occurring around the world…Is now the time for some change? For you? For us? For the world?

Come in person, lifestream, or join via audio live! For upcoming Choice Of Possibilities classes, visit here.

It, like everything else, is just a choice. What would you like to choose?


Times may be tumultuous, but they’re your times. Dr. Dain offered a special evening class called “A Taste of Being You in Tumultuous Times” . For more info go HERE.



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