Do You Only Desire What is Hard to Get?

October 08, 2017

Do you truly desire what you say you do?

Ever had a friend say, “I wish I had a 10-carat diamond? I wish I had a private jet? I wish…”

Do they desire the diamond for what it will create in their lives or simply because it’s hard to get?

Founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, was recently talking about desires — real and invented — on the Access Consciousness® Voice America Show.

“We think we really want the things that are too hard to get,” Gary said.

How many things have you invented that are important to you, that are actually not important to you, and are definitely not creating your life?”

Deciding something is important can screw us up for years. We hold on to the decision and can’t move on or get rid of it.

That’s why you’ve got to acknowledge what it is you truly desire, which isn’t always easy, said Brendon Watt, who was co-hosting the show with Gary.

As a boy, Brendon was constantly being told by the adults around him what was important to do.

“But no one ever asked me: What is it that you would like?”

Brendon ended up doing things that everyone thought he should do. Unfortunately, that didn’t work so well for him after a while…Eventually when he was at rock bottom, some years ago, he realized that he had been creating everything that showed up in his life.

“When my life was crap — and I was getting up every day saying my life was crap — I was asking for more of a crap life,” he said.

To get a sense of the life he truly desired, Brendon looked at what other people were doing that seemed like fun.

“I started choosing things that worked for me. That’s how I got my life moving,” he said.

Whenever you take a fixed point of view you lock into place what you can’t change,” Gary revealed.

For example, they recently needed a smaller horse trailer for Gary’s ranch in Texas. The manager found a trailer and got a good deal, but later they raised the price, which pissed off the manager.

“Pissed off is a fixed point of view,” Gary explained. “You can’t change anything and you can’t make anything work.”

Any time you take a fixed point of view it sticks you and your happiness goes away. Change your point of view, change your reality. It’s amazing how well that works.

For more dynamic clearings and business & relationship tips listen to the entire episode here.

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