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Building Intimacy With You

August 13, 2017

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Dr. Dain Heer

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How many days in the week do you open your eyes and your first thought is your ‘to-do’ list? What you need to do, what you have to do, should do… and then you get to the really good stuff where you judge you in regard to that to-do list – for what you haven’t done or achieved yet, for the current situation with your family, relationship (or lack of), work, finances that aren’t perfect yet – and the list goes on.

How far down on that ‘to-do’ list is “care and nurture myself”? On the bottom? Or not even on the page at all?

So often, the truth is that we rarely even factor ourselves into the equation of our own lives!

What if there was a doorway into putting you back into the equation of your life, that would actually allow you to have an energy that constantly nurtured you, and allowed you to handle the things on your ‘to-do’ list with much greater ease (and joy!)?

The first step in creating intimacy with you

Are you willing to build a level of intimacy with yourself where you become the priority in your life?

One of the first elements of creating intimacy with you is that of honoring. To honor means, “to treat with regard.”

What would it be like if from the moment you got up in the morning to the time you went to bed, you treated you with regard?

What would it be like for you, if you had such caring for you that you honored you in every choice that you made? For example, you wake up in the morning and you have all this stuff to do… what if you didn’t let your ‘to-do’ list determine your day? It’s not about throwing that list out the window, either. It’s about being pragmatic, too! If you are willing to make this shift in priority, what you begin to do is create a totally different energy that allows your to-do list to get done with a kind of magic and ease, rather than force or struggle.

Discovering what is honoring of you

Part of honoring you is allowing you to do what creates the most ease for you. When you have a sense of ease, there is an energy that continues to contribute to you, no matter what shows up in your day. What if you just took three minutes each morning to ask, “What would be honoring of me?” Many of us have never been asked this before, so if nothing comes to you at first, just keep asking. This may very well be a totally new journey for you – and how awesome is that?

I know a woman who started by getting up half an hour before her kids and husband to sit on her back deck with a coffee and watch you-tube videos about tips for nurturing herself. That in itself was an honoring choice that began to open the door for her to become more aware of the choices she had.

Build intimacy and honoring into your daily life

If you desire to have a greater intimacy with you and are willing to commit to honoring you more and more, ask these questions daily: What is honoring of you? What would treating you with regard in every choice be like? What choices can you make today to honor and nurture you? What would create more ease? What would be fun?

What would it be like to have a new level of intimacy with yourself that allowed everything – the to-do list, the people in your life, and all the other things you would truly like to have – to show up with greater ease?

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